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Brassfahrt 2022

Our premiere is over - and different than originally planned: After all, around half of the almost 80 registered boats had arrived at the Travemünder Leuchtenfeld, despite the announced and then actually prevailing strong wind from the west. For this reason it was decided to shorten the 100 miles around the Bay of Mecklenburg and split it into two individual races in order to remain in the relative protection of the Bay of Lübeck and to return to the night from Friday to Saturday, for which the maximum wind was forecast to spend port. In order to be through before the strongest wind, the start was brought forward to 8:00 a.m. on Friday and then a triangle was sailed between Travemünde, Neustadt and Dahmeshöved. Gusts with a lot of rain, some hail and some around 40 knots of wind were a challenge that was mastered well by the participants - unfortunately a mast break has to be lamented and the sail makers between Flensburg and Rostock can look forward to additional orders. All in all, however, all brass riders survived the first race well. Getting up early on Friday was compensated for by a very late start on Saturday: At 2:00 p.m. it went on a short stretch from Travemünde to Neustadt and back, on the way there, back in the eponymous sense of the "Brassfahrt" with a space sheet ride Towards the finish line with only 20 to 30 knots of wind. With grilled food, nice conversations among like-minded, densely surrounded beer wagons and the photos taken during the day on the screen, there was the final event including the award ceremony in the evening in our beautiful clubhouse on the Leuchtenfeld. At this point, many thanks again to all participants, the many helpers and the starting ship "Cranich". Incidentally, the Brassfahrt 2023 is already being planned and will take place over the Pentecost weekend (May 26 to 29, 2023). Thank you very much, it was very nice with you and we are already looking forward to next year, with such a great community! Your Brassfahrt team

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